Dominican Republic Announces its Participation in Expo 2020 Dubái

Dominican Republic Announces its Participation in Expo 2020 Dubái

  • The country will promote investment, exports, tourism, and Dominican culture.
  • With the signing of a memorandum of understanding, DP World becomes the main sponsor of the Dominican Republic´s participation in EXPO 2020 Dubái,

Santo Domingo, D.R. – During a ceremony led by President Luis Abinader, the Dominican Republic formally announced its participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, where the country will be able to strategically promote its offering of exportable products, its investment climate, tourist and cultural attractions, and Dominican hospitality.

This global exposure is one of the most important International events worldwide, with the objective of celebrating the creativity, innovation, humanity, and cultures of the world over a 6-month period.

This exposure and the activities held within its framework encourage the economic, cultural, and scientific growth of participating countries.

During the announcement held in the Convention Center of the Foreign Relations Ministry, the President was accompanied by the Chancellor, Roberto Alvarez, and the ministers of Tourism, David Collado, and Culture, Carmen Heredia.  Also present were the director of ProDominicana, Biviana Riveiro; the Vice Minister for Economic Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugo Rivera; and the CEO of DP World in the Dominican Republic, Morten Johansen.

President Abinader underscored the fact that this international event will be a watershed moment in the economic relaunching of the country within the post-pandemic context, while contributing to the exposure and potentializing of sectors of the Dominican economy such as tourism, agriculture, the regional logistics Hub, and free zones.

Chancellor Roberto Alvarez likewise stated that this commercial exposure will set the basis for expanding the country´s presence and trade relations with international allies, thanks to the public-private alliance with DP World in the Dominican Republic and the support provided by the United Arab Emirates, which reduced government investment in this fair to a minimum.

Likewise, the CEO of DP World in the Dominican Republic, Morten Johansen, pointed out that the signing of this alliance with the Dominican government is a reaffirmation of its commitment to promoting the country throughout the region as an interesting value proposal for multinational companies, highlighting the multiple advantages and the

country´s favorable investment climate  to thousands of participants and companies that will come together from around the world to EXPO Dubai 2020.

“Today DP World reaffirms its commitment to its continued role as a strategic ally of the Dominican government.  Through the signing of this lasting agreement we will generate new opportunities for growth and development for the country.  Supporting our nation to achieve successful participation in EXPO Dubai is without a doubt a step in the right direction in this integral strategy executed by the State and whose purpose is to reactivate the economy,” Johansen stated.

During the event the Foreign Relations Minister, as coordinator of the Committee created to handle the country´s participation in this fair signed a memorandum of understanding together with the CEO for DP World in the Dominican Republic, agreeing to the non-reimbursable delivery of technical and economic cooperation to the Dominican government to cover our country´s logistical and operational costs in this international trade fair.

Through the signing of this memorandum of understanding DP World becomes the main sponsor of the Dominican Republic´s participation in EXPO 2020 Dubai, which is recognized as the event of greatest international transcendence and relevance in the world.

In Expo 2020 Dubai the country will carry out a dynamic calendar of activities, which will take place between October of this year to March 2022.  These events will include virtual tours, concerts, exhibitions, and others, in which the country will include presentations on investment, exports, the regional logistics Hub, culture, and tourism.

About Expo 2020 Dubái

Expo 2020 Dubai Will be one of the trade fairs with the largest number of visitors in the world.  This year it is estimated that 15 million people will attend the event, with 70 percent coming from nations outside the Arab Emirates.

It is also the first held in the region of the Middle East, Africa, and south Asia.  This edition of the world´s fair will be held in the city of Dubai, and its them will be “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”


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